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SunWest Dental Cares About Your Dental Emergency

It can be stressful enough to experience a dental emergency during regular business hours. When it happens during a time SunWest Dental is normally closed, you might think you need to go to the emergency room or wait until our office opens again. Fortunately, neither of these things are true.

Same-Day & Walk-In Appointments

Our staff is available to assist you with a dental emergency regardless of the day or time. We regularly leave spots open for same-day appointments and walk-ins as well as have a dentist on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond to emergencies. The next time you or a family member requires a same-day appointment, just contact our office at 480-895-3252.

We Treat Many Dental Emergencies

Even if you’re not sure that the situation is a true dental emergency, we encourage you to call our office if you feel like you need treatment as soon as possible. We would rather have you come in for an issue that turns out not to be urgent than have the issue become worse. Below are some of the most common situations that might require prompt treatment from Dr. Cheyanne Fazeli.

A piece of food or object stuck between two teeth

When you get something lodged between two teeth, sometimes no amount of flossing or trying to push it out with a dental pick will help. While you may be tempted to leave it there if it’s not bothering you, this could lead to an infection and pain in the future.

Broken filling or crown

Biting into food or chewing food with great force are common reasons that a filling or crown might break. You could even swallow the dental restoration if you’re unaware that it became dislodged. If you can find the filling or crown, wrap it in cloth and contact our office for an immediate appointment. The longer you wait, the more discomfort you will experience when consuming anything hot or cold.

Broken or chipped tooth

A tooth can crack or break from something as simple as biting into food too hard or from something more serious such as a baseball hitting you in the face. This can cause significant pain regardless of the reason. Rinsing your mouth before coming to SunWest Dental can help reduce discomfort as can holding an ice pack on your jaw while someone else drives you to our office.

Broken or injured jaw

Most broken jaws require a trip to the emergency room, but we may be able to evaluate and treat the problem if you have a less serious injury to your jaw.

Loose tooth due to mouth trauma

If an object or person struck you in the mouth with great force, it can loosen, break, or even knock out your tooth. You will need an emergency dental appointment for all these reasons. When a tooth feels loose but has not broken in any way, Dr. Fazeli has a good chance of saving it if you get to our office as soon as possible. Over-the-counter pain relievers and/or an ice pack can help to relieve discomfort and swelling before you arrive.

Prolonged bleeding after biting your cheek or tongue

Most people have had the experience of accidentally biting their tongue or cheek instead of their food. This normally causes only a small amount of bleeding and pain that subsides quickly. We encourage you to seek emergency care if you have a gouge on your mouth or tongue or you can’t stop the bleeding.


A toothache can come on suddenly or the pain can gradually get worse over time. We encourage you to contact us before your toothache pain becomes unmanageable and home remedies fail to bring relief. Some of these might include a warm saltwater rinse, increased flossing, using an ice pack, or taking non-prescription pain medication.

Tooth abscess

This dental condition can be extremely painful and lead to even more issues if not treated promptly. You might have an abscess if you have significant pain that doesn’t respond to any type of treatment you use at home. Swelling and inflammation are common symptoms as well.

Wisdom tooth pain

Dentists typically take X-rays on teenage patients to determine if they have wisdom teeth growing in their back jaws with no room for them to protrude through the gums. Some patients haven’t had this preventive care and develop unexpected wisdom tooth pain. We encourage you to visit us as soon as possible if you start experiencing inflammation or pain towards the back of your jaw or have difficulty with chewing.

We care about your oral health and comfort at SunWest Dental. Prompt treatment of any sudden dental problem or increase in discomfort is always the best course of action. Our office works with most dental insurance providers in the Chandler, Arizona, area. We also accept several forms of payment for your convenience. Please contact our office if we can answer additional questions about emergency dentistry.

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